Scott Addis
Montreal, QC,

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I was born and raised in a little town in Southwestern Pennsylvania, in the USA. 

Homelife was chaotic. I remember moving a lot - mom and dad fighting a lot and I removed myself from that by drawing.  Dad was my first teacher but discouraged me later when I declared I wanted to be an artist - I was maybe 8 when I made that declaration.


Dad wanted me to get a trade first - a real job - and draw and paint as a hobby.  He worked for the BnO Railroad and scoffed at my unrealistic ambitions regarding art.  Mom ended up getting sick and dying when I was 10, so the fighting stopped and some of the chaos as well.

Mom's illness had changed my trajectory in a lot of different ways.  She had saved a bit of money for my college but it was spent on her chemo, hospital stays and home care.  The big house was sold to pay for medical debt and at 14 we moved from the town of Connellsville to the smaller (and cheaper) town of Leisenring. 


In the ninth grade I was invited to participate in the local Advanced Art class.  I won some awards.  As small as that might have been to some, it was validation enough for me to hold a little dream alive.  I'll be forever indebted to Miss Toskin for those awards - they probably saved my life.

After graduating High School, with no money for college, I joined the US Navy where I was able to travel internationally - a dreamer's dream come true.  I visited my first art museum when I was in my twenties. MY TWENTIES.


I took pictures, drew and bought some art supplies in Italy, others in France.  This was an impressionable time for me and I took full advantage.  Dad died while I was in the Service.  I found myself ungrounded and with mom and dad both gone I tried to make a life for myself post US Navy but there was little for me or my training at home so I ended up moving to Cincinnati for work and created for myself a life - I wasn't particularly happy - certainly not fulfilled - but it was stable.

During the 17 years I lived in Cincinnati I worked for companies, worked for myself, married, raised two adopted kids and eventually divorced.  There was a lot of therapy and towards the end of the divorce and for several years after I participated in a psychoanalysis that was a life changing event.  Meeting an analyst four days a week over several years gave me (eventually) the solid sense of self to quit the bullshit jobs and follow my heart/head towards what I was born to do.  Many thanks to Dr Karl Stukenberg for his patience and direction.    I also took my first painting class and drawing class with Greg Storer and I had found my home - not a place - but rather a creative place inside my heart and head that would come to sustain me.

Success was quick to follow.  Within a year or so of taking my first painting class I stopped my day jobs and focused on painting fulltime.  Clossons was the big gallery in the area, they took me on, gave me a solo show and it about sold out.  Another one followed and with success in Cincinnati and then with Mary Bell Galleries in Chicago, I was on my way in my career.

During this time I met my current wife and decided another move was in order.  We moved to Montreal (she's Canadian) and now I am a dual American-Canadian citizen too.  We have three kids and live part time in Montreal and the rest in Saint Sauveur - a small community in the Quebec mountains.

I took some time off the traveling needed to have a big art career in order to care for my little family. I continued to show in Montreal Vermont and Maine but stopped traveling a while until my kids were older.  Now they are in their teens and I'm back at it. 

In February 2022 I had a fire in my studio and about everything not hanging in galleries was lost.  That was heartbreaking. 


I'm in the process of rebuilding stock and will approach new venues once I have enough good work to show.




Je suis né et j'ai grandi dans une petite ville du sud-ouest de la Pennsylvanie, aux États-Unis.


J'ai déménagé à Cincinnati où j'ai vécu 17 ans, puis à Montréal où j'habite depuis 2002.


J' étudié avec plusieurs artistes accomplis et étudié les maîtres dans les musées et beaucoup appris de l'observation directe de la nature. J'ai montré partout avec un grand succès commercial et critique.


Gagner sa vie en tant qu'artiste est un travail difficile, mais le travail que et je peins à plein temps depuis 1998.

Gallery Representation:

Galerie Beauchamp:  Baie Saint Paul, Quebec et Montreal, Canada

Camden Falls Art Gallery, Camden Maine, USA

Edgewater Gallery, Middlebury Vermont, USA

OA Gallery, Saint Louis Missouri, USA

Newbury Fine Art Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

The Artworks Gallery, Norfolk Virginia, USA                         

Permanent Collections:   


Springfield Art Museum, Springfield OH                           

Indiana University (Richmond)                                        

First Energy Corporation (Cleveland)                               

Sanofi-Synthelabo (Quebec)                                               

Comey and Shepard (Cincinnati)                                     

Rogers Telecommunications (Ottawa)                             

Pouch Cove Foundation (St John’s)                                  

Australian Embassy to Canada (Ottawa) (Sydney)             

Mason Public Library (Cincinnati)                                     

Medialink Communications (Quebec) 

Schlumberger Corporation (Calgary) 

Griffiths McBurney and Part. 

Sun Microsystems, Eastern Canada (Ottawa) 

Boscilla Marina 

Chester, Willcox & Saxbe (Columbus) 

Location Empress (Quebec) 

Digital Vision (Quebec) 

Deerpark Management Ltd. 

Bank of Montreal, HPB (Calgary) 


Mary Bell Galleries, Chicago 

Calpine Canada 

Devries Financial Group Inc., Ottawa 

RBC Financial Group 



Government of Canada in Ottawa

Ontario Hydro in Ottawa

Capital Assurance Co in Quebec

Mirant Canada in Calgary

Salon Urbanity in Cincinnati

Sydney Convention Center in Sydney Australia

First Commercial Bank in Birmingham AL

Western Geco

SDS Software Quebec

Canadian Medical Corporation 

Merrill Lynch 

Pan Canadian Corporation 

Location Empress Inc. 

E.B.S. inc 

Roger Girard Inc 

Les Assurances La Capitale, (Quebec) 

Sylvie Soucis Orthophoniste 

Abu Dhabi Mens College (United Arab Emirates) 

Gestion Claude Labrie Inc. (Quebec) 

Robert Seldon & Associates 

System/5 Inc. 

Anne Thaler and Associates 

Hydro Technologies Canada Inc. 

ABOVO Multimedia (Quebec)